[RC5] extremely short work units

Robert A. Rosenberg dnet at rarpsl.com
Tue Aug 8 00:39:01 EDT 2006

At 23:51 -0500 on 05/30/2006, Jim C. Nasby wrote about Re: [RC5] 
extremely short work units:

>On Sat, Apr 15, 2006 at 07:03:48PM -0500, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
>>  Running OGR offline.  Like to have days and days and days between
>>  contacts with the server.
>>  Just now was given a bunch of work units that take TWO MINUTES each !!
>>  I'm hesitating to set my "queue size" at 1000 -- what if on the next
>>  download I were to get four-hour work units ?
>>  These short work units make management of not-always-connected
>>  systems a pain.
>Unfortunately, there is no way to predict exactly how much work there is
>in any give OGR work unit, and as we're closing out sections of OGR-26,
>there will be strings of short workunits. The good news is that you
>shouldn't get them very often.

One solution is to provide the ability to "return" downloaded work 
units for immediate redistribution to some other user. If you get too 
much, you could just trim your set by returning the rest. This also 
helps, if you must decommission a machine and do not want to just 
move the buff-in/buff-out files to another client.

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