[RC5] OGR progress speeding up

Tom tomdv at datatx.com
Sat Aug 19 17:33:48 EDT 2006


I'm not deluding myself that my two new putes are significant enough to give 
you this sentiment. But whatever little they do, they do.

Ah, dear wizzards, is there anything that backs up James' statement? If so, 
send me bigger chuncks if possible. My new putes are still hungry and they 
are quite fast, see my rankings...

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Subject: [RC5] OGR progress speeding up

>I can't back this up with hard figures, but it looks to me like OGR-25
> progress is speeding up significantly?
> After being stuck < 20% for what felt like years, it seems to be
> visibly increasing every few days.
> I know progress is expected to speed up in a non-linear fashion with
> OGR - any graphed projections or estimates on expected completion
> times?
> James
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