[RC5] OGR progress speeding up

Kevin McCoy kgmccoy at idk-inc.com
Mon Aug 21 11:41:26 EDT 2006

It has been reported on this list - or maybe one of the other DNET lists 
- that OGR is currently working on a big chunk of short work units.  If 
true, it could bring everyones stats up for a while.

I've added a few new machines recently, so I don't know if its the short 
OGR blocks or the fast iron that upped my rate.

Here are my stats 


Tom wrote:
> James,
> I'm not deluding myself that my two new putes are significant enough to give 
> you this sentiment. But whatever little they do, they do.
> Ah, dear wizzards, is there anything that backs up James' statement? If so, 
> send me bigger chuncks if possible. My new putes are still hungry and they 
> are quite fast, see my rankings...
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> Subject: [RC5] OGR progress speeding up
>> I can't back this up with hard figures, but it looks to me like OGR-25
>> progress is speeding up significantly?
>> After being stuck < 20% for what felt like years, it seems to be
>> visibly increasing every few days.
>> I know progress is expected to speed up in a non-linear fashion with
>> OGR - any graphed projections or estimates on expected completion
>> times?
>> James
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