[RC5] Dnetc on PS3

Emerson Gomes emerson at objetivo-malto.com.br
Fri Dec 1 22:47:39 EST 2006

Too bad I can't really help at all (maybe when PS3s get a little
cheaper ;), but I wish you guys good luck with it. :)
Please keep us informed about any progress made.


2006/12/2, Décio Luiz Gazzoni Filho <decio at decpp.net>:
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> On Dec 2, 2006, at 12:49 AM, Emerson Gomes wrote:
> > Just wondering, did someone already tried/succeed compiling/running
> > dnetc in the playstation3?
> It's being worked on, mostly by Bovine, JT (the PS2 porter) and
> myself. We have a prototype running with assembly-optimized RC5-72
> SPE cores at ~24 Mkeys/s per SPE (of which there are 6 user-available
> SPEs in the Playstation 3, so about 144 Mkeys/s total on the SPEs
> alone). There are still some issues to solve, and an optimized PPE
> core must be written, since current PowerPC cores have abysmal
> performance (as expected). Currently I'm working inside IBM's Cell
> simulator, which is holding things back a bit (it takes almost a full
> day to run the benchmark suite that would normally take 16 seconds on
> real hardware). Having a shell account on a real PS3 running Linux
> would be a huge productivity booster -- so if anyone has the means to
> help, please contact me off-list. Cell blades would be equally welcome.
> Note that at least initially, the client would only run under PS3
> Linux. We realize this is not ideal, but a native port to the PS3
> would require a Playstation 3 development kit which we don't have. If
> Sony or someone else were to provide us with a dev kit and sign the
> binaries, we would gladly port this to the native PS3 environment.
> Décio
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