[RC5] After several months away from distributed.net...

Daniel Quintiliani danq at ptd.net
Thu Jan 12 15:19:43 EST 2006

...I find that participation, at least in RC5-72, has gone down a lot.
I'm sure it's for obvious reasons, such as RC5-72 taking over a
millenium at the current rates to reach 100% and OGR-25p2 taking (my
intelligent guess from reading the FAQ entry) several years.

I also noticed that many more people are using BOINC and its projects
instead of distributed.net. Personally, I prefer distributed.net's
software and the way they do things to BOINC's. Maybe it's just the fact
that BOINC is newer.

I had a suggestion for possibly bringing more people to distributed.net.
I noticed from reading (I wasn't around distributed.net back then) that
distributed.net had a lot more success with the short-term projects (1
day to 5 years) than the current long-term ones.
Perhaps we should adopt some more of these short-term projects, or even
run our own short-term cryptography contests, with or without a prize,
instead of focusing on these long-term projects. These short-term
projects would be done at the same time as RC5-72 and OGR. It would
bring more people to our long-term projects while at the same time
making things a lot more fun and exciting.

What do you think?


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