[RC5] New Client questions

John Braley hawkeye at tks-net.com
Sun Jan 22 20:18:00 EST 2006

Having run the updated the new clients that were posted right at the end 
of 2005, I am really amazed at the speedup that was achieved on OGR (my 
main project). Both my AMD and Intel machines got a nice little boost, 
at least Intel needed at the least. I do however have a question to 
throw at you:

Will any of these speedups make it into the x86_64 Linux scene anytime 
soon? I understand the majority of the speed came from MMX work.

Currently running the v2.9011-496 for Linux/x86_64 yields me 
approximately  73million nodes/sec. On a AMD 64 x2 2.6per core.
Running the new *v2.9012.497* versionon XP64 yields about 64million 
nodes/sec, an increase of about 15 million nodes/sec from the previous 

And lastly, has any progress been made on the XP64 version? I see that 
the bug logs have not been updated in ages. But I had hoped that now 
that XP64 has been out for a while along with Windows Server 2003 AMD64 
we would see something useable.


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