[RC5] Change Team contact info?

Victor A. Wagner Jr. vawjr at rudbek.com
Sat Jul 1 11:11:45 EDT 2006

At 16:45 2006-06-28, Kevin McCoy wrote:
>How do you change the team info on the Dnet web site if the original
>team contact person has disappeared, along with the password?  I'd like
>to update our information since most of it is out of date.  I am
>speaking of Team Warped (OS/2), currently the #6 team in the world on
>the OGR challenge.
>Colin Hildinger, our old team captain's email address is no longer
>valid. He hasn't submitted any Dnet work in a couple years and I haven't
>been able to track down a valid email address for him.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This contact info seems fairly up to date:
Enviro Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 1260
Seminole, OK 74818-1260
www.enviro-ok.com               Colin L. Hildinger
Tel: (405) 382-0731
Fax: (405) 382-0737

I haven't checked it but the company website has a news release from 
earlier this year on it.

>Best regards,
>Kevin McCoy
>Team Warped (OS/2)
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