[RC5] Help with justification of running Dnet at work

Earl Stenlund havoc at totalhavoc.net
Fri Mar 17 08:30:59 EST 2006

I'm the network admin at a small community college. I have permission from
the higher up to run D.net (6+ years now), but we have one instructor that
is raising hell about it. The administration wants me to put a pack together
so they can reevaluate it. We are currently running just the OGR project. I
push the client to all computer on the network from a server. No files are
stored on the local machines, everything comes from the server. Below is an
email response I received from the instructor after I replied to him
question what Dnet.exe is.

	I only know what my students and I experience and that is a delay in
opening 	applications such as browser windows, powerpoint
presentations, etc.  I read all the 	mumbo jumbo on the web site and I
have actually had to power cycle a machine to get it 	back under my
control.  I 'm not buying the science contribution either.   Why would you
want to support something that is not really under your control?  We need
all of the 	resources we can get and should not be squandering them on a
research project that even 	the federal government would not support.
I don't need to see your benchmarks since 	they are done under a
laboratory environment and do not reflect what will happen under
actual situations.

	The statement below from the web site is unbelievable...do they
really think we are that 	stupid....the only reason I go to look at
the statistics is because I cannot launch a 	powerpoint presentation or a
browser, etc!  It is NOT a question of a task running in the 	background;
it is a question of STARTING a new task while dnet.exe clings to the

	'While you're watching cpu time statistics, you aren't doing
anything else that might be 	consuming cpu time, and consequently you see
the client using 100%. If however you were 	to have another task running
in the background that needed/was using cpu time, you'd see 	the client
use that much less.'

Can anyone provide me with some help. Again, I am putting info together on
the project and how it runs. What would be great is an explanation of the
source code showing that is only runs when idle. I have benchmarks run on my
laptop but as you can see the instructor doesn't believe them.

Also, does anyone know what other Schools are running the project? A list
would be great. I know DePaul, Polytechnic of Namibia, University of
Toronto, University of Illinois, Education Network of Ontario

Earl Stenlund
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