[RC5] Help with justification of running Dnet at work

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To be honest I know what is happening in the lab. We run a device that
'write protects' the hard drive. The users can do what every they want and
when they reboot everything is back to normal. The product uses a hidden
temporary partition to work from. If the machine is not rebooted for say a
week or two that partition fills up and the machine can freak out. We have
tried to explain this to him but he refuses to listen. He says it is D.net
doing it. You reboot the machines and they run fine. I mean for god sacks he
is bitching about powerpoint being slow at launch. If I go down there reboot
the machine powerpoint loads fine.

The thing is, they can stop the dnet process. It lauches from a login
script. They can end the program at anytime. That and the administration
still supports me on it. They just want to 'reevaluate' the situation to
shut the instructor up. 

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Doesn't mean they haven't felt the effects.  I would kill my sysadmin if I
found him running it on our servers because of the overhead that I've
You would have to investigate the problems he is experiencing.  Have you
actually tested his machine?  Maybe he has a virus or some other problem.

Earl Stenlund wrote:
> I agree, but the instructor that is complaining is an IS instructor 
> that teaching in our Cisco Academy and our Security program. The 
> people in our Digital Effects and Animation program and our Film 
> Program have not complained once. They use Maya, Photoshop, 3d Studio 
> Max, Studio 100, Final Cut and other programs on both MAC and PC.
> Thanks,
> Earl Stenlund
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> Earl Stenlund wrote:
>> I'm the network admin at a small community college. I have permission 
>> from the higher up to run D.net (6+ years now), but we have one 
>> instructor that is raising hell about it. The administration wants me 
>> to put a pack together so they can reevaluate it. We are currently 
>> running just the OGR project. I push the client to all computer on 
>> the network from a server. No files are stored on the local machines, 
>> everything comes from the server. Below is an email response I 
>> received from the instructor after I replied to him question what 
>> Dnet.exe
> is.
>> 	I only know what my students and I experience and that is a delay in
>> opening 	applications such as browser windows, powerpoint
>> presentations, etc.  I read all the 	mumbo jumbo on the web site and I
>> have actually had to power cycle a machine to get it 	back under
>> control.  I 'm not buying the science contribution either.   Why would
>> want to support something that is not really under your control?  We need
>> all of the 	resources we can get and should not be squandering them on a
>> research project that even 	the federal government would not support.
>> I don't need to see your benchmarks since 	they are done under a
>> laboratory environment and do not reflect what will happen under 
>> actual situations.
>> 	The statement below from the web site is unbelievable...do they
>> really think we are that 	stupid....the only reason I go to look at
>> the statistics is because I cannot launch a 	powerpoint presentation or a
>> browser, etc!  It is NOT a question of a task running in the
>> it is a question of STARTING a new task while dnet.exe clings to the 
>> processor.
>> 	'While you're watching cpu time statistics, you aren't doing
>> anything else that might be 	consuming cpu time, and consequently you see
>> the client using 100%. If however you were 	to have another task running
>> in the background that needed/was using cpu time, you'd see 	the client
>> use that much less.'
>> Can anyone provide me with some help. Again, I am putting info 
>> together on the project and how it runs. What would be great is an 
>> explanation of the source code showing that is only runs when idle. I 
>> have benchmarks run on my laptop but as you can see the instructor 
>> doesn't
> believe them.
>> Also, does anyone know what other Schools are running the project? A 
>> list would be great. I know DePaul, Polytechnic of Namibia, 
>> University of Toronto, University of Illinois, Education Network of 
>> Ontario
>> Thanks,
>> Earl Stenlund
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> Although d.net state it only uses idle time, I have noticed on 
> machines at there is extra latency with tasks if dnetc is running.  
> Especially under high load such as image or video editing.  This was 
> never an isolated event and there will always be overhead with the 
> machine having to switch the processes and handling the extra interrupts
that dnetc will generate.
> Regards
> Ray
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