[RC5] Help with justification of running Dnet at work

Gerald Richter glassman1 at neonshadow.net
Fri Mar 17 09:39:05 EST 2006

Earl Stenlund wrote:

> 	I only know what my students and I experience and that is a delay in
> opening 	applications such as browser windows, powerpoint
> presentations, etc.  I read all the 	mumbo jumbo on the web site and I
> have actually had to power cycle a machine to get it 	back under my
> control.  I 'm not buying the science contribution either.   Why would you
> want to support something that is not really under your control?  We need
> all of the 	resources we can get and should not be squandering them on a
> research project that even 	the federal government would not support.
> I don't need to see your benchmarks since 	they are done under a
> laboratory environment and do not reflect what will happen under
> actual situations.

Okay, so the computers need serious help. :oP I notice this problem with 
any computer having a serious lack of RAM, as nearly every computer I 
met in school had. I personally have run dnetc and perproxy in 
production environments with no serious affects outside of the cpus 
running a little warmer. My quad cpu web and db server didn't even 
notice the extra load, and I have zero problems with load times or 
anything on my personal workstation... which I don't use lightly - I 
routinely load up multiple EVE-Online clients which abuse the tar out of 
video card, ram and cpu... and have had no ill effects from dnetc.

> 	The statement below from the web site is unbelievable...do they
> really think we are that 	stupid....the only reason I go to look at
> the statistics is because I cannot launch a 	powerpoint presentation or a
> browser, etc!  It is NOT a question of a task running in the 	background;
> it is a question of STARTING a new task while dnet.exe clings to the
> processor.

Where'd you pick up this, er, <blank>?? I woulda gone serious rounds 
with him as a student just for the fun of it. :)

> Also, does anyone know what other Schools are running the project? A list
> would be great. I know DePaul, Polytechnic of Namibia, University of
> Toronto, University of Illinois, Education Network of Ontario

Wish I could. While I was a student in high school I arranged to have 
nearly all computers in the comp tech department running dnetc with the 
approval of the teacher... but that has been a while.

--Gerald Richter

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