[RC5] RE: Help with justification of running Dnet at work

John Valenti valenti at msu.edu
Fri Mar 17 12:46:08 EST 2006

If the problem could be fixed by a reboot, could you just schedule  
one nightly (or weekly?) at 5am. Seems like this would be a big help,  
without regard to Dnet.

I think there is a method to schedule a windows reboot that will  
allow a user to cancel it (screen popup) if someone happens to be  
there at 5am.  (our students get a key code, so they can use our lab  
at any time)

> To be honest I know what is happening in the lab. We run a device that
> 'write protects' the hard drive. The users can do what every they  
> want and
> when they reboot everything is back to normal. The product uses a  
> hidden
> temporary partition to work from. If the machine is not rebooted  
> for say a
> week or two that partition fills up and the machine can freak out.  
> We have
> tried to explain this to him but he refuses to listen. He says it  
> is D.net
> doing it. You reboot the machines and they run fine. I mean for god  
> sacks he
> is bitching about powerpoint being slow at launch. If I go down  
> there reboot
> the machine powerpoint loads fine.

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