[RC5] Has anyone else noticed this??

Paul paul.m.nz at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 22:16:06 EDT 2007

Although running dnetc for some time, this is my first posting to this
list. As the subject says it is more of a 'has anyone else noticed
this' sort of post....

I currently run dnetc (v2.9013-498-GTR-06082120 for Win32 (WindowsNT
5.0) on one machine with windows 2000 installed. My average key rate
(RC5-72) is approximately 6.7-7 million keys/second. I've tried
various Linux live CD's on this machine (and one identical to it) and
get very similar key rates.

Just recently I've started playing around with VMWare. Using win2000
as the host and various OS's as guests I've found that using PC-BSD
(http://www.pcbsd.org/) as a virtual machine I get up to 11 million
keys a second.

Keeping in mind that PCBSD is running on the same OS (that gives me 7
million keys/second) but within a virtual layer I would have thought
the results would have been the same – apparently not.

I've not got around to using PCBSD directly but it would be an interesting test.

Has any one else noticed this? Anyone have any idea on why there would
be an almost 50% improvement in speed?


Vista is "dramatically more secure than any other operating system
released" Bill Gates
Huh ??  Defender doesn't stop spyware (Webroot) ; firewall is only 50%
effective (Zdnet) ; UAC can be turned off and is annoying ; SP1 (incl
security reasons) due end of 2007...
Try Torpark; a small portable, open-source, built on Firefox browser
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