[RC5] FreeBSD Client Not Dectecting Cores

bert bertodell at suddenlink.net
Sat Aug 18 06:58:25 EDT 2007

waldo kitty wrote:
> Bryan wrote:
>> Just bought a Dell PowerEdge 2950 w/ 2 quad core 2.66 chips and don't 
>> need the unit for a few weeks and thought I would do a burn-in using dnetc.
>> Installed FreeBSD 6.x/AMD64/ELF v2.9012.497 client which detected 8 
>> cores but according to the client it is only using 1. Is there a beta 
>> build running around which might solve this problem?
> the first question is if you are running a SMP capable kernel... on linux boxes, 
> it is a separate kernel from the stock/default mono-cpu one...
Uhhhh,wouldn't the kernal have to be recompiled for smp support? I don't 
think it enabled on installation? Been a little while since I've used 
freebsd,but I had to recompile mine to enable(add the option) smp.


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