[RC5] FreeBSD Client Not Dectecting Cores

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Sun Aug 19 10:20:19 EDT 2007

Bryan wrote:
> Kernel is compiled w/ SMP. Is there some other setting in the client 
> that I would need to enable in order to take advantage of SMP support?

what does your bsd dmesg bootup look like? does it detect and enable all CPUs?

see? if the OS doesn't detect and enable more than one CPU, there's no way for 
any application to use more than one...

what does the dnet client say when it loads? it should have something similar...

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[Aug 19 14:10:28 UTC] Recovered 1 checkpoint packet
[Aug 19 14:10:28 UTC] Automatic processor detection found 1 processor.
[Aug 19 14:10:29 UTC] Automatic processor type detection found
                       an Intel Pentium II processor.
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