[RC5] [Announcement] New version of PS3 beta client

Bartek Kochan bartek.kochan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 18:59:25 EDT 2007

> Dear friends,
> A few hours ago, the beta Playstation 3 clients expired. We apologize
> for not releasing an update earlier; we're making up for it by
> including in this new version optimized OGR cores for the SPE co-
> processors in the PlayStation 3, achieving a rate of 35.5 Mnodes/s
> for each SPE, for a total node rate (including the PPE core) of 230+
> Mnodes/s. We also fixed a bug which caused one of the crunchers to
> silently stop running until the client is restarted, so expect to see
> improved keyrates for RC5-72 as well.

Thank You for new client.

The problem with one crusher silently stopping is still there in new version.
(dnetc v2.9015-502-CFL-07082015-*dev* for Linux
running on FC7, ps3, Linux 2.6.21-1.3194.fc7).

>From the logs I see that the crusher which stops is the PPE one as the
cpu load goes back to near 0% ( SPE load doesn't show in loadavg or
top ).

log from the morning:
[Aug 21 08:45:41 UTC] RC5-72 #a: Loaded CB:9E645EDA:00000000:1*2^32

log in the evening:
[Aug 21 22:18:27 UTC] RC5-72 #a: Saved CB:9E645EDA:00000000:1*2^32 (0 keys done)
                      0.13:32:46.98 - [0 keys/s]

I am also suspecting the client to "loose" this block, as it is
retrieving 164 blocks, and returning 163. Or is it "returning" it with
0 keys checked. I wouldn't like to miss the right block...

And let me repeat myself again about the sources. Maybe showing
publicly beta sources could do some good as well...


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