[RC5] time spent on RC5-72

Anonymous bugmesticky at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 26 20:25:16 EDT 2007

Do you mean to say that the RC5-72 search should be canceled, or that
it shoudl continue? Obviously, the key could be found any day now, no
matter how long it's been since it was started.

I'm personally in support of keeping the RC5-72 search going, even
without the prize money--I mean, I'm still curious to find out what
the secret message was, as I'm sure a lot of others are too. Even
without the prize money, the reason behind the contest still is valid:
to find whether RC5-72 is strong enough encryption to survive today's
computing power. So, I still think it's a worthy goal to continue with
and I hope that it will at least still be available for people to
participate in, whether or not it's still considered the "main"
project at distributed.net.

On 8/26/07, bert <bertodell at suddenlink.net> wrote:
> With the amount of time passed so far with RC5-72,we are almost at the
> mark when RC5-64 finished, at 1757 days(when the key was found) or
> technically 1800 days when it was stopped. At the current rate I doubt
> if we will ever see 1% before the 10th year anniversary of RC5-72 or go
> as far as RC5-64 did in anyone's lifetime lol.
> Bert O'Dell

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