[RC5] Norton Antivirus now removing dnetc.scr

Kevin McCoy kgmccoy at idk-inc.com
Tue Dec 11 20:45:53 EST 2007

I am getting dire warnings and automatic removal of DNET.SCR by Norton 

I downloaded a fresh copy of the dnet client installer for windoze - 
same deal. Norton removes dnetc.scr, post haste. It is not a big deal 
that the dnet screen saver program is getting munched, since I don't 
actually use it, but this could be a problem for other folks that do.

Guessing that its only a matter of time before Symantec/Norton jumps on 
the distributed.net-is-a-virus bandwagon, I fired off a quick nastygram 
to Symantec. Their reply is found below. This is actually their second 
reply. The first one they completely misunderstood and offered to help 
me remove the dreaded distributed.net Trojan - for a fee. Grrrrr.

I would fill out the web form myself, but it looks like the "vendor" has 
to do it - they want contact information and whatnot.

Can one of the developers / project leaders fill out the form?


Kevin G. McCoy


Technical Support

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Response (Thiyagarajan) - 12/08/2007 01:07 AM
Greetings Kevin,

Welcome back to Symantec Online Technical Support.

Kevin, please be informed that whenever we have a vendor disputing, our detection of their software as a Security Risk, they should be instructed to fill out this form (the link is mentioned below). Security Response will then handle the issue. It's important that these issues are handled appropriately, especially whenever there is a threat of litigation.

Web URL:

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thiyagarajan. V
Symantec Technical Support

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