[RC5] Large OGR stubs

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Thu Jul 5 22:22:15 EDT 2007

ummm... he didn't say that he grabbed large numbers of blocks... he said that 
the key, 25/1-12-14-6-17, contained 878 stats units... huge difference between 
that and what you are attempting to point at ;)

his comment about 2521 days has more to do with how long he has been 
participating in this challenge... ;)^2

Kevin McCoy wrote:
> People that grab large numbers of OGR blocks at a time are going to have 
> their clients "go to sleep" for quite a while as they crunch on them for 
> weeks. There will be no server communications for the whole time, making 
> remote stats monitoring problematic.
> Thats the downside.
> Kevin
> Greg Lobring wrote:
>> My recent fetches have resulted in some larger than usual OGR stubs. 
>> The largest being:
>> [Jul 02 20:34:36 UTC] OGR-P2: Completed 25/1-12-14-6-17 (878.75 stats 
>> units)
>> I've been on this 2,521 days and can't remember ever having one larger 
>> than 300 units before. Just thought it was pretty cool.

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