[RC5] RC5-72 Clarity?

Danie van Heerden danievh at csnet.co.za
Sun Jun 3 19:48:44 EDT 2007

If one of the administrators of distributed.net would care to commit I would 

Elitehackers.info will be ten years old in August and we are a fairly large 
sub team contributing belonging to Dutch Power Cows team which we have been 
running for as long we have existed.

I would some clarity regarding decisions I have to make:

Will rc5-72 be stopped?

We are not into crunching for the prize money, but purely for the enjoyment 
of competing against each other.

Another factor I have to consider is that most members of our group have 
limited or no access to the existing clients we have loaded on PCs. 
Therefore should RC5-72 be terminated, the newer clients will switch to 
OGR-P2, but older clients will die off.

On completion of OGR-P2?

Should rc5-72 be stopped, and OGR-P2 be completed, most of our installed 
clients will no longer be serviceable. Could I perhaps suggest an automatic 
core update on new dnetc clients? So even if a core should change to a new 
project, existing clients can be updated, preferably configurable to specify 
our own servers to keep config files intact. Even if the file size overhead 
increases, with today's bandwidth available, it should not matter. Should 
another project be used, stats servers is a must so that we can keep on 
competing against each other

Any response to the above will be appreciated.



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