[RC5] RC5-72 NetBSD MicroVAX 3100-40

Darren Clark BiggRanger at tds.net
Tue Jun 5 00:58:49 EDT 2007

Pointless but fun.

I loaded NetBSD 3.1 on my old MicroVAX to see how it would do.

NetBSD 3.1 (GENERIC) #0: Tue Oct 31 10:04:40 UTC 2006
MicroVAX 3100/m{30,40}                     
cpu: KA48        
cpu: turning on floating point chip                                  
total memory = 24320 KB                      

Running the latest client for NetBSDVAX v2.9008-492-CFR-04062219, I'm 
getting a top speed of 6638 keys/sec using the ANSI 1 pipe core.
Looks like 7.5 days per block!

Surprisingly the simh VAX running on an Intel Due core 2.0GHz only 
clocks in at 5523 keys/sec.

Not bad for an 18 year old microcomputer.

Darren Clark
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