[RC5] RC5-72 Clarity?

Danie van Heerden danievh at csnet.co.za
Wed Jun 6 02:46:16 EDT 2007

I do apologise for my reply. When you deal with so many members like we do 
and ask a simple question, somebody like Martin comes along and starts 
something completely offbeat from what I asked and you never get a proper 

Any PROPER answers to my questions?

Best regards,

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>I know why he jumped on you. You were a bit of a jerk in your reply,
> making presumptions of facts not in evidence.
> Of course, that doesn't excuse his return rudeness.
> Frankly, I wouldn't oppose having both of you take your little tiff
> off the list, so the rest of us can have a decent conversation.
> Fuzzy
> On 6/4/07, Marcin Sochacki <wanted at gnu.univ.gda.pl> wrote:
>> I really don't know why you're jumping on me out of a sudden. I made
>> some polite suggestions and I do know what I'm talking about. Even if it
>> didn't answer your questions, your message was extremely rude, especially
>> if you consider we're on public d.net list and every member has a right
>> to voice an opinion here.
>> I could argue about other ways to deploy updates or how MD5 is not
>> enough alone to ensure security, but again you seem to be the wisest
>> smartass on the list, so I'll better shut up.
>> Marcin
>> On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 11:20:38PM +0200, Danie van Heerden wrote:
>> > Obviously you have no idea of how many machines we are running with
>> > permission. But administrating 2000+ on just one site is not possible, 
>> > nor
>> > feasible, so don't get on your high horse and make accusations you 
>> > can't
>> > support.
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