[RC5] App to update local network cores

Mike Burgess mike_burgess at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 10:08:55 EDT 2007

> Maybe someone can write a small app (that is updateble as well) to run
> as a 
> service to install the current client, check for updates, and if a newer
> is 
> found, stop the service, download the client and install it and then
> start 
> the service again. The process is pretty straightforward and the best
> about 
> it is that it will be able to update the .ini file as well.
> Any ideas?

 had a couple of apps that I had used in the past, one would scan a
network for clients, could start & stop remotely, push an INI file, and I
think it could do a complete install remotely.  I've just forgotten the
name of it.   
 It stopped working for me a couple of years ago, when my network at work
got stricter, and I could not run it anymore.  I recently had to go to a
bunch of my machines and shut down the clients, more network security BS.

Distributed Cows looks like that was the program, but the download page
seems to be 404.  Maybe someone here has it archived ?

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