[RC5] Buffer turn-around time

Roman Trunov proxyma at tula.net
Wed May 2 02:54:14 EDT 2007

Satya wrote:

> I couldn't find this on the dnet web site. What's the current re-issue
> interval for OGR and RC5-72? I have a couple of offline clients and I
> was wondering how long I could wait between block fetches and flushes.

Worst case for OGR is two weeks, after this period workunit can be 
assigned to and completed by somebody else, so your job will be wasted 
from project's point of view. This is a worst case scenario, but it's 
not possible for end-user to determine is it safe to keep blocks longer 
or not. Anyway, your job will be credited -- to be accounted in your 
stats, workunit should be returned within much longer period -- at least 
4 months.

For RC5-72, I didn't hear of any recycles. I think it can be years...

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