[RC5] Buffer turn-around time

Kevin McCoy kgmccoy at idk-inc.com
Wed May 2 21:44:01 EDT 2007

Check out this overclocked quad-core I just put online. This thing is 
humming along at 160 Mnodes/sec on OGR!


The quad-cores are easy to overclock and seem stable at 15%, using an 
ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard.  20% overclocking was too much to ask 
without playing with various motherboard voltages - I ran out of play 
time and had to leave it at 15.

Each core is running at ~2.8 GHz on this box with a CPU temp of around 75C.


Gerald Richter wrote:
> Coran Fisher wrote:
>> In the ancient texts Gerald Richter wrote:
>>> You aren't throwing enough cpus at it then! :) That reminds me... I need 
>>> to get a few more procs...
>> The joys of multicore CPUs, pick yourself up some quad cores :)
> Soon as I can afford one for my AM2 board I will. Also scheming to hack 
> up a lil P2B and get a couple little P3 chips running... Think the last 
> thing I need to do on my little way to climbing the stats ladder is get 
> a perproxy and internal stats going again.
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