[RC5] Buffer turn-around time

Jonathan Smith jsmith at cygnacom.com
Tue May 8 15:42:04 EDT 2007

Joseph Kaye wrote:
>Speaking of the quad cores, How is Intel's new "core" line of CPU's 
>Doing for RC5?  Do they still lag far behind AMD and PPC?

Most recent info I have (numbers from the speed page for the core and core
2, and my own benchmarks for the AMD x64)
In RC5 compared to an AMD x64, the Core 2 is 11.1% slower, while the Core is
35% slower
In OGR compared to an AMD x64, the Core 2 is 16.5% faster, while the Core is
8.9% faster.

Actual numbers, for 2 GHz:
      AMD x64 RC5: 8.36 Mkeys/s  OGR 25.31 Mnodes/s
       Core 2 RC5: 7.43 Mkeys/s  OGR 30.30 Mnodes/s
         Core RC5: 5.43 Mkeys/s  OGR 27.77 Mnodes/s
P4 (Prescott) RC5: 4.75 Mkeys/s  OGR 16.52 Mnodes/s

So the Core 2 is a whole lot better, clock for clock, than even the newer
P4s. But it hasn't caught the Athlon 64/Opterons yet.

Let me take this opportunity to point to the updated RC5/OGR speed
(http://bugs.distributed.net/attachment.cgi?id=357), which I submitted as an
attachment to the relevant bug report
(http://bugs.distributed.net/show_bug.cgi?id=3950), but which hasn't yet
replaced the old version on the main website.

	Jonathan Smith

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