[RC5] Logfile analysers

Benjamin Norwood bnorwood at fastmail.fm
Sun May 13 18:21:44 EDT 2007

I've downloaded both Logvis and Volker Voss's alternative version, and
tried pointing each in turn at my logfiles.
Neither are happy - and they're about the only two Win32 apps still
downloadable from the Add-ons page.

Logvis claims it can't load any data for graphing.
Logvis2 (Volker's version) claims "Der Index der Liste uberschreitet das
Maximum" (The list index exceeds the maximum, at a rough guess)

I'm using Dnet v2.9013.498.0
Could it be that both apps were written back in the halcyon days of
RC5-64, and so aren't designed to cope with RC5-72 and OGR-P2?

Does anyone know of any Win32 logfile analysers that are still available
and work?
Benjamin Norwood     bnorwood at fastmail.fm

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