[RC5] Secret-Key Challenge status

Gregory Sigman sigman at ohio.edu
Mon May 21 09:15:06 EDT 2007

>Although RSA Labs is halting their official sponsorship, there is
>still the option open to us to continue the project without their
>prize or validation. We would like to solicit your feedback regarding
>this option. Discussion is welcome on our rc5 mailing list (see
>http://lists.distributed.net/mailman/listinfo/rc5 if you are not
>already a member). In the coming days, we will provide a facility to
>allow official votes to be made.

Personally, I don't see any reason at all to continue the RC5-72 
project, which never had much of any practical point anyway. With no 
prize, there is now absolutely no point.

Let's focus on OGR-P2. It should be retired in practically no time 
without the distraction of RC5. Although we may see a mass exodus of 
computing power as those who were only in it for the money take their 
flops elsewhere.


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