[RC5] RSA Secret-Key Challenge Termination

Décio Luiz Gazzoni Filho decio at decpp.net
Tue May 22 11:46:28 EDT 2007

Le May 22, 2007 à 11:39 AM, Gerald Richter a écrit :

> Jim C. Nasby wrote:
>> Something worth mentioning... we have been working on cores for  
>> both PS3
>> and Nvidia (yes, as in video cards) that obtain keyrates pushing
>> 200Mkeys/sec. To put that in perspective, 200Mk/s would put you at  
>> the
>> #66 spot in yesterdays stats. It would take less than 700 of these
>> clients to *double* what the rest of the entire network did  
>> yesterday.
> Hey, I wanna try those out... :) Well, the nvidia one anyway... I
> haven't gotten around to acquiring a PS3...

Just to make things clear, this is specifically for G80 GPU cores  
(the 8x00 series), it won't run on anything else. The performance is  
excellent in the 8800GTX model, pretty good in the 8800GTS model, but  
probably abysmal on anything below that, given the way Nvidia  
crippled the lower models.


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