[RC5] Secret-Key Challenge status

Rod Barnhart wintermute at nitemarecafe.com
Wed May 23 15:58:39 EDT 2007

On 5/23/07, tyco <tyco at hardwareecke.de> wrote:

> No. The way is our goal.

An admirable goal, but:

>  We have good statistics, a good team, good
> communication and a good client.

Does this suggest that the above goal has been achieved? Is it time to
take what we've learned and apply it to other projects? Personally,
I'm torn. "Because it's there" is as good a reason as any for
continuing RC5-72, but I can see a lot of people abandoning the RC5-72
and the key rate going *way* down. I'll keep my currently installed
clients chugging along, but am not opposed to throwing my cycles
towards one or more of the other projects that were mentioned as

Rod Barnhart aka Wintermute (http://www.nitemarecafe.com)

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