[RC5] Secret-Key Challenge status

Gregory Sigman sigman at ohio.edu
Wed May 23 15:59:58 EDT 2007

>We have good statistics, a good team, good
>communication and a good client.

Agreed. The client in particular is wonderful-- a very small file 
that uses very little RAM and very little disk space and will run on 
the most meagre of systems without impeding other apps, unlike most 
of the distributed computing clients out there. That's the main 
reason I keep coming back to dnet.

But we suffer from an abominable lack of purpose. As if we have built 
an incredible sports car, but all we do is drive around in circles on 
the same track, in the same direction, burning tons of fuel, with no 
other cars competing and no one watching...

Honestly, just shutting our computers off when not in use would be 
more beneficial to the world than running RC5.

I will hang with OGR-25 until it is done. At that point, failing a 
constructive new project (*not* just OGR-26, 27, 28, etc.) I'm afraid 
I'll be bidding d.net a fond farewell.

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