[RC5] project suggestions

Satya dnet at thesatya.com
Thu May 24 22:33:20 EDT 2007

On Mon, May 21, 2007 at 11:07:29PM -0700, david fleischer wrote:
>One interesting alternative is the Boinc client... true there is an overhead

Here's why I don't like the boinc system:

1. Biggest problem: No sneakernetting. Opaque "blocks".
2. Cumbersome configuration -- I have to go to a web site to set time
3. The projects seem to have fuzzy idea of work units and time to
completion. This is *very* subjective and probably not true.

Actually, all those points are subjective. But as we already know,
subjective opinion matters in these projects.

Anyway, I've switched to OGR and mprime and folding at home.

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