[RC5] RSA Secret-Key Challenge Termination

Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Sat May 26 13:37:19 EDT 2007

On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 01:52:15PM -0700, Demitrius Nelon wrote:
> I like the idea of some shorter term projects (as
> others have suggested), but I certainly understand the
> issue of the amount of effort to update the network
> and client software.  Maybe there are some medium
> sized projects that could be finished in the 6 months
> to 1 year range.  I've been participating for a decade
> (give or take a couple months) and I'd love to see
> some more success stories.  I think that finding
> projects with cash prizes is a good idea to continue
> an attempt at funding distributed.net as well, but I'm
> not aware of any.

I think the key point about the amount of work required isn't a matter
of "how much".. it's really a question of "who". Perhaps some history
will help...

Back in the late 90's, d.net had a "core group" of about a dozen people
that were very active and involved. This group is what got stuff done.
Part of that was that distributed computing was newer and sexier then.
Another part is that most of us had jobs we weren't really passionate

But all that has changed. While only two folks remain at United Devices,
those two are quite passionate about the work they're doing there.
Others have gone on to found successful ventures of their own. Some are
simply just working at a job that they find challenging, engaging and

Another consideration is that we're all 10 years older now. We've got
different responsibilities and different things competing for our
limited free time.

Does this mean we don't care about d.net? Not at all. But none of us are
really in a position to push things forward like before.

We would love to have more projects to offer, and we have made some
limited progress in that area. But for new projects to happen, *someone*
(or some group of someones) is going to have to really drive them
forward. This doesn't mean they have to come forward with a 100%
complete solution, but they will need to do a good chunk of work, and
they'll need to push others into action (which isn't quite as hard as it
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