[RC5] Vote for RC5-72

RyoOhki Ryo.Ohki at gmx.de
Mon May 28 03:27:35 EDT 2007

Times ago, crunching RC5-64 i had many good friends in my Team runnning
the dnet client. But after finishing RC5
and some weeks of doing RC-72 most of them lost all interest in dnetc:
in Germany we have a good phrase for RC5-72:
"Fass ohne Boden" meaning "barrel without soil". And most of them didn't
understand what OGR is actually good for.
(By the way, is there any Link, site, documentation etc where i can read
what length of OGR is used for Phased Arrays
or can me tell how big the advantage will be if dnet find a optimal
Ruler > 24? )

Hm decibel, hows about a "Jobs" or "ToDo"-List on the Homepage?

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