[RC5] Vote for RC5-72

Darren Clark BiggRanger at tds.net
Mon May 28 20:50:37 EDT 2007

I've been with dnet for probably almost a decade, starting when I first 
learned about the rc5-64 client on HNN.com (back when it was Hacker News 
Network). But I think the point is now proven with RC5-72. After 4.5 
years we've only checked 0.417% of the keyspace. But now with 128 bit 
and 256 bit encryption schemes we're looking at extremely expensive 
hardware 10+ years in the future to brute force a key in a reasonable 
amount of time (if the message starts with "The secret message is..."). 
I'll be switching over to other projects and shutting down some systems 
I don't need to keep running just for the sake of crunching keys.
I vote to freeze RC5-72 at some set date in the not too distant future, 
stop giving out blocks and accepting blocks.

Not sure what projects I'll be running, but my electric bill should be a 
lot cheaper.

Darren Clark

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