[RC5] Vote for RC5-72

John Valenti valenti at msu.edu
Mon May 28 22:01:05 EDT 2007

On May 26, Christopher Hicks <chicks at chicks.net> wrote:

> I'd love to see more OGR-esque projects that are valuable to  
> science or humanity, and I would certainly hope that a couple more  
> things along those lines were "in the bag" before we considered  
> "pausing" Rc5-72 until technology catchs up.  We may be the only  
> people doing anything worth a s&*t on the PS3, so it'd be tragic to  
> lose that effort now too.  I'm spending my holiday weekend trying  
> to refurb some machines to get them crunching.  And they'll spend  
> most of their time doing RC5-72.  I usually do 1 OGR block for  
> every 10 RC5 blocks.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I think the Stanford folding  
project is far ahead on PS3 crunching.
	http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=osstats   	> 600  
TFLOPS on 30,000+ PS3 units

I ran dnet for years on our departmental computers.  I'm still fond  
of the project, but I switched things over to folding about a year  
ago. It seems like they are getting some good science out of it (49  
papers listed to date).   Add my family history of dementia and you  
can perhaps see why I'm going crazy on folding now.


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