[RC5] 10th year Anniversery

Rick Bruch rick.bruch at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 11:32:54 EDT 2007

Like someone else has already said, look at the stats. As it turns
out, the overall keyrate for RC5-72 is only a little bit more than
that for RC5-64. And, since participation in RC5-72 continues to
decline, the current RC5-72 keyrate is actually less than the keyrate
was for RC5-64 at the end of the project. So, rerunning RC5-64 would
take longer than you might think...


I think distributed.net was founded not to explore the limits of
computing power, but to explore the possibilities for widespread
distributed computing. In other words, not to put together a few
high-powered machines, but to put together a huge network of regular

In that light, I think it's informative to take a look at current
participation numbers for RC5-72 as compared to RC5-64 (coincidentally
after almost the same time working on the project, 1785 days vs. 1800

There have been 77,126 participants
since the beginning of this project.
4,884 of them were active yesterday
and of those, 7 were brand-new participants.

There have been 331,464 participants
since the beginning of this project.
25,739 of them were active yesterday
and of those, 26 were brand-new participants.

>From these numbers it is clear that the current project is struggling
when compared with the previous one. The reasons for that are many,
and could be discussed at length if people were interested.

My opinion is that, if we want to actually seriously attempt to
complete RC5-72, we need to focus on recruiting more people with more
machines to contribute to the project. To be honest, I don't see that

Anyway, just my humble opinion.


On 10/22/07, Zi <zi at bur.st> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Thinking about this 10th year anniversery, I think it might be a good idea
> to revist some of the challenges for giggles.
> That is, run the rc5-48 and rc5-64 (and others) challenges again. This
> would give a great indication on the differences between computing power
> then and now. How many days now it takes to crack some of these old
> challenges and it should also inject some new life and maybe some more
> interest into distributed computing.   72 bit is/was fun for a while, but
> it seems to be dragging on and on and on now, interest is falling in this
> challenge.
> Its just a thought to inject new life into the projects.
> What do you all think ?
> Me.
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