[RC5] Times up

Zi zi at bur.st
Sun Oct 28 20:05:53 EDT 2007

Well the time has come.

I have been with this project since around 1998ish in various forms from 
single user to being part of a team and watching as a number of senior 
execs installed the client on all of the computers in the company apart 
from the mail servers.

Gone are the days of watching your computer tick over 100's of "units" per 
day, to now where your lucky to get a few each day.

This morning the stats show we have done 0.449% of the key space, so this 
one if going to be a very long project

So I am no longer satisfied, and while I am sure a lot of you are going to 
call "piker" or Im leaving because of the negativity, in truth its far 
from reality. I have enjoyed my time here, helping out and the community 
at large.

But I think the time has come, to move on to something more exciting and 
put my 3 computers and laptop to something *I* might recieve more 
enjoyment out of. I am sure you lot wont miss my contribution as after all 
I am but a small fry in the bigger picture.

This email amounts to my good bye, my thanks for the good times and 
competition on reaching 1st place and the valuable information and help I 
have received over the years.

And on a finial note, I wish to offer my hearty goodluck to the project, 
the founders and all of you. I do recognise this is a worthwith project 
and I wish everyone the best.

Good Bye


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