[RC5] [Announcement] New version of PS3 beta client

Nuno Rodrigues nunor at akki.lu
Thu Sep 6 14:39:02 EDT 2007


The PS3 client expired. On the download page on distributed.net the latest 
client is from the 20/08/07.
But the date on the page is 03/09/07.

Could you please provide the latest client? My PS3 has nothing to calculate 
right now.


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> Dear friends,
> A few hours ago, the beta Playstation 3 clients expired. We apologize
> for not releasing an update earlier; we're making up for it by
> including in this new version optimized OGR cores for the SPE co-
> processors in the PlayStation 3, achieving a rate of 35.5 Mnodes/s
> for each SPE, for a total node rate (including the PPE core) of 230+
> Mnodes/s. We also fixed a bug which caused one of the crunchers to
> silently stop running until the client is restarted, so expect to see
> improved keyrates for RC5-72 as well.
> We'd like to mention that during the past two weeks of beta testing
> the PlayStation 3 has been climbing steadily in our statistics, and
> currently stands as the 4th largest CPU architecture in RC5-72, as
> measured by daily contribution <http://stats.distributed.net/misc/
> platformlist.php?project_id=8&view=yc> and 8th overall <http://
> stats.distributed.net/misc/platformlist.php?project_id=8&view=tc>.
> The pre-release client is available for download from our web site at
> <http://www.distributed.net/download/prerelease.php>. Once again, we
> have set an expiration date of 2 weeks for this beta, after which we
> plan to ship an official version if all goes well.
> We thank you for your continuing support. Moo! ]:8)
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