[RC5] retiring e-mail address/getting stats added to new

Angie Telepenko gooble at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 9 22:55:38 EDT 2007

A couple of years ago my ISP went out of business on very short notice and I had to switch everything over to a new e-mail address, including my distributed.net crunching.

I was unable to retire my e-mail address and roll my stats over to my new one because I had never bothered to get a password. Twice now - about a year ago and then about a month ago - I've followed the instructions on the distributed.net website on how to do this without a password to the old account. Both times I got an automated response saying I would be sent a password by the help desk so I could retire the old account. I never have gotten one.

Is there anyone actually looking after the help desk there or do I just forget about this? Thanks.

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