[RC5] Various antivirus programs detect dnetc.exe and .scr as a trojan

Fredrik Elversson elversson at yahoo.se
Tue Sep 18 06:20:16 EDT 2007

For everyones information, and especially the staff at distributed.net:

I downloaded the latest version of dnetc client for Windows (2.9013-499) and uploaded the dnetc.exe to virustotal.com and here's the results:

BitDefender            7.2    2007.09.18    Trojan.Proxy.Distnet.J
Fortinet    2007.09.18    DistNet!tr
McAfee               5121    2007.09.17    Proxy-DistNet
Sophos             4.21.0    2007.09.18    Mal/Generic-A
Gateway             6.0.1    2007.09.18    Win32.NewMalware.CM!539136

Ánd the dnetc.scr give the following results:

AntiVir          2007.09.18    TR/Proxy.Distnet.H.1
BitDefender                7.2    2007.09.18    Trojan.Proxy.Distnet.H
CAT-QuickHeal         9.00    2007.09.17    (Suspicious) - DNAScan
eSafe           2007.09.17    Suspicious Trojan/Worm
Fortinet        2007.09.18    DistNet!tr
McAfee                   5121    2007.09.17    Proxy-DistNet
Panda            2007.09.17    Generic Trojan
Sunbelt             2.2.907.0    2007.09.15    Trojan-Proxy.Distnet.H
Gateway                  6.0.1    2007.09.18    Trojan.Proxy.Distnet.H.1

I read several other users opinion to exlude the folder or files from scanning by antivirus programs. I am not a fan of this... so as long as distributed is treated as a trojan, it's not running on my computer(s).

// Fredrik

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