[RC5] Various antivirus programs detect dnetc.exe and .scr as a trojan

Fredrik Elversson elversson at yahoo.se
Tue Sep 18 07:52:36 EDT 2007

Hi John,

You obviously misunderstodd my part where I said I am not a fan of exluding files or folders from scanning by antivirus solutions, and as long as it is detected as a trojan (by my antivirus solution(s)) dnetc is not running on my computers. My point was that I am security aware and an excluded file or folder could be a potential way-in for a real virus/trojan/malware...  And I couldn't let that happend.

I am very certain that dnetc is not a trojan; my point was just that various antivirus solutions detects it as a trojan, which is a bad thing. I sent the list of detections to make "everyone" aware of the situation; as you could see it wasn't only one solution detecting it as a trojan; it was several, and that probably comes from cooperation (they share stuff) between the different solutions.

All users could ofcource point out to the various antivirus solutions that it is a false positive, but I think it should come directly from the staff at distributed to make things happend.

// Fredrik

John Vender <jvender at ihug.com.au> skrev:
Hi Fredrik,

if you choose to accept the ignorance of those anti-virus software  
makers in totally wrongly misclassifying dnetc as malware that is  
your choice but it does not mean by any means it is malware. It is  
simply that these people have seen it installed by trojans (fully  
agreed that is a bad thing but it doesn't by any means make dnetc  
malware). It is a sad fact that these companies don't feel like doing  
their research and are perfectly happy to cast a very negative light  
on something that is totally innocent because they couldn't be  
bothered getting the facts.



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