[RC5] AVG detects dnet.exe as a trojan and deletes it

Unrau, Trevor unraut at aecl.ca
Tue Sep 18 12:42:48 EDT 2007

McAfee still detects dnetc.exe as a trojan and wants to delete it (depending
on the policy setting made by the network admins).  I got around this by
renaming it to dnetc.vir (note to trojan writers - McAfee ignores anything
with ".vir" extension).  I then execute the program from a batch file, and
it has been working since then with no detection problems.


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>No other major Anti-virus program I know of treats this program as a 
>Trojan, including Norton Antivirus, and CA eTrust.

McAfee does or at least did at one time; I couldn't say if they still 
do as I haven't actually run dnetc on a Windows box in a number of 

Greg Sigman
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