[RC5] AVG detects dnet.exe as a trojan and deletes it

Ed Wensell III ewensell3 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 23:30:26 EDT 2007

Well, I have to say this is very odd...

I install dnetc as service. x86/Installer (v2.9013.498 2006-11-26). One
system has it in "Program Files\distributed.net", the other in c:\dnetc.
Latest version of AVG Free Edition, although mine is a 6 month old install
which has been self-updating since, as opposed to a recent fresh install.
Default out-of-the-box configuration. No exceptions configured.

For fun I downloaded the latest zip (v2.9013.499 2007-07-05) and unzipped
to a test directory. AVG did not flinch when it scanned the directory, nor
when I ran the executable. Didn't complain when I pointed it at my "live"
dnetc directory. My clients are ticking right along with AVG.

Maybe I'm just lucky.

--- Kevin McCoy <kgmccoy at idk-inc.com> wrote:


My users downloaded and installed the latest free version about a weekago,
and they both exhibit the same behavior. I think the AVGheuristics see the
dnetc service process  running and then go out anddelete/kill it. The AVG
logs show that dnetc.exe was removed since itis (they claim) a trojan.

It might leave dnetc alone if you are not running it as a service - Idon't
know. Maybe that is why it hasn't munched your client(s)? 

Ed Wensell III

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