[RC5] RC5-72: status request

Thayne Forbes thayne at xmission.com
Mon Aug 11 22:34:26 EDT 2008

Ed Wensell III wrote:
> Folding at Home has 600k* registered PS3's. Why not d.net??
> * - Ok, there's only around 39k "active" PS3s at any given time (ie. units reporting within the past two days). Compare to RC-72's overall 3k "active" participants at any given time.
> Sony's support probably has something to do with it.
Or perhaps Decio's calculations above are the problem.  No matter what 
the question, you can find the answer by spending 30 seconds on a 
calculator to see when RC5-72 will be finished.  And then what do you 
have?  Has anything significant changed since RC5-56 or RC5-64?  Other 
than the keysize? 

If the distributed software had changed significantly, say, for 
instance, made so that it can run SETI at Home or Folding at Home or any of 
the other distributed challenges, then it would be useful.  But what we 
have is essentially 10 year old software doing exactly what it was doing 
10 years ago.


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