[RC5] client "up"-ness, proxylogs

Aaron Kramer aarongk at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 15:05:45 EDT 2008

Fellow (die-hard) Crunchers-

I'm interested in hearing from others who run the rc5 proxy.
I would like to determine the 'up' ness of my various clients that
connect into my local proxy.

Ultimately, i'd like to know if clients stop crunching, so I can remediate asap.
I'm considering parsing through the logs via perl, hourly, via
pproxyrc57220080820.log, currently set to daily log, to get hourly
counts to me via email...
But I see gadgets from google, widgets from yahoo, and gdesklets on
ubuntu that maybe can give me a better indication with less work.

I prefer to run my proxy on a unix for most flexibility.

Please consider sending in your ideas to help spark my work!


...on permanent Holodeck Duty

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