[RC5] RC5-72: status request

Philippe Faure philippe at faure.ca
Fri Aug 29 22:09:00 EDT 2008

>> Folding at Home has 600k* registered PS3's. Why not d.net??
>> * - Ok, there's only around 39k "active" PS3s at any given time  
>> (ie. units reporting within the past two days). Compare to RC-72's  
>> overall 3k "active" participants at any given time.
>> Sony's support probably has something to do with it.
> Or perhaps Decio's calculations above are the problem.  No matter what
> the question, you can find the answer by spending 30 seconds on a
> calculator to see when RC5-72 will be finished.  And then what do you
> have?  Has anything significant changed since RC5-56 or RC5-64?  Other
> than the keysize?
> If the distributed software had changed significantly, say, for
> instance, made so that it can run SETI at Home or Folding at Home or any of
> the other distributed challenges, then it would be useful.  But what we
> have is essentially 10 year old software doing exactly what it was doing
> 10 years ago.

People keep talking about the PS3's, but I know that there was some  
developpment being completed on using the graphic card processor using  
CUDA.  I heard something about a year ago then nothing. I don't know  
if the development has stopped, or just put on hold.  I know that this  
wouldn't come close to PS3's, but atleast it will help.

ANy help on RC5-72 is better than nothing.

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