[RC5] RE-cycle times

Robin Harmsen distributed at rharmsen.nl
Mon Feb 4 10:49:13 EST 2008

It thought this cycle was about three months, but I am not sure.

I try to keep my client input buffers at a size that can be done in about one week, so they can crunch for a little while, when the network is down and so that they don't have to much in the buffer when the stubs are getting very large.

Next to that I try to keep about one month of work on my own proxy, so I am able to live out an outage on distributed.net for a little while, and don't have to much that I can't process in three months.

I hope this has helped you a little.

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Onderwerp: [RC5] RE-cycle times

Good Morning.

I was wondering, how long are stub allowed to sit in clients input buffers, and
not returned to the keymaster, before the keymaster will sent out that stub
back out to a different client.

To help with network loading would it be advantageous to have larger OGR buffers

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