[RC5] grid cloud computing

Aaron Kramer aarongk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 17:41:30 EDT 2008

Has anyone looked at putting a few rc5 clients up in the cloud of
amazon's EC2 or gogrid?
I haven't done it yet, but with the cost of the electricity here and
my 24x7 100 % CPUs, I was wondering if anyone has looked at it

Based on a cursory glance, it looks like one would pay about 20 cents
per cpu hour and if its dedicated, would that be about $12 USdollars a
That's way more than I am paying for electricity here.....but am I
doing the math right? It doesn't appear I could economically
efficiently make use of the cloud to replace my key rate.

Go Team Blorf!
...on permanent Holodeck Duty

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