[RC5] grid cloud computing

Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Sun Oct 26 14:41:22 EDT 2008

Following the general goals of idle computing, you would probably not want to dedicate EC2 instances specifically to running dnetc only. 

However, if you're already running Amazon EC2 instances for another reason it seems perfectly reasonable to try loading dnetc inside of them.  Amazon does not charge differently based on the percent CPU utilization of the instance (only by the hardware size that you select).  There will be a slight amount of external network traffic to the distributed.net keyservers, which Amazon does incrementally charge for.

Amazon EC2 does offer several different hardware sizes (the highest being an 8-core CPU at 80 cents per hour), but I haven't yet attempted to figure out which of their machines is the best in terms of maximizing your keyrate per dollar.

($0.20 x 24 hours = $4.80, so I don't know how you computed $12)


> Has anyone looked at putting a few rc5 clients up in the cloud of
> amazon's EC2 or gogrid?
> I haven't done it yet, but with the cost of the electricity here and
> my 24x7 100 % CPUs, I was wondering if anyone has looked at it
> seriously.
> Based on a cursory glance, it looks like one would pay about 20 cents
> per cpu hour and if its dedicated, would that be about $12 USdollars a
> day?
> That's way more than I am paying for electricity here.....but am I
> doing the math right? It doesn't appear I could economically
> efficiently make use of the cloud to replace my key rate.

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