Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Mon Oct 27 02:13:38 EDT 2008

All of keyservers have now been upgraded to support OGR-NG.  You should not have any problems finding a server with workunits now.

> -----Original Message-----
> Not all of the key servers are running 343 yet.
> http://n0cgi.distributed.net/ogr-proxyinfo.html
> You could point your clients at one that is up to 343 for now.  I'm
> waiting
> for the linux x86 343 personal proxy. (anyone know when this is gonna be
> out?)
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>> Anyone know when OGR-NG stubs will be available for download? I've got
>> the new version running RC5-72 since I get the notice that "The
>> Keyserver does not support OGR-NG" and would like to get started on
>> this :P

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